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"Doherty is an actor of tremendous depth, subtlety and animal physicality – frail, determined, intelligent, haunted. Brave too, prepared to act without a safety net and expose her fear and darkness. . . . This is an important play, written and performed by a woman who, if she isn’t already, should become an important voice in contemporary Northern Ireland theatre."

-CULTURE NI, reviewing self-penned show Inheritance (click here for full review)

"One of the foremost young Irish actors in Britain at the moment, Amanda Doherty from Derry."


"Tall and lithe, Amanda Doherty has the proportions of a model and the translucent skin and features of a classic Hollywood beauty. There's something in her bearing, her crisp diction and the line of her cheekbones reminiscent of a young Katherine Hepburn- the Derry actress every bit as striking but more beautiful. She has stagecraft oozing from every invisible pore and a sense of spirited independence that's refreshingly at odds with the 'all things to all men' culture among many aspiring actors."


“'Very Serious Actor,' as that title suggests, takes direct aim at the sometimes-silly lengths to which actors can go in order to be taken seriously (by others and by themselves). Employing a number of characters including a brassy Hollywood agent and even singing the very actorly audition song from the musical “The Last Five Years,” Doherty concluded the performance by thanking her first-time comedy audience—who, for the record, she held squarely in the palm of her hand."


"In her brief career, Doherty's desire, and intelligence as an actor has already been often noted . . . Amanda Doherty has been described as fearless, as one of Ireland's foremost young actors, as the future. These descriptions echo the desire within her to one day become an important voice in Irish theatre. She possibly already is."


"Amanda is so fearless when it comes to the stage and I just love her energy."


​"From Patrick’s nervous father character to a jock full of confidence, and Doherty’s bolshy socialite to her downtrodden teenager, both actors do a great job of bringing these stories to life, and seeing them as a few different characters throughout the night just goes to show how diverse they are."


"Blithely self-confident and technically adept to a degree that seemed unfeasible . . .  Ms.Doherty treated the Orchard Street audience to a show that will vibrate in the memory for many a moon. . . . She has the balance and poise of a ballet dancer, using every cubic inch of the stage, capering onto chairs on tiptoe like the possibility she might collapse in a tangle of limbs has never occurred to her, which it probably hasn't, remarkable vocal range, able to conjure an emotion with the wave of a hand or flick of a finger or convey an attitude through a tic or twitch of a facial muscle. She can do soft-and-dreamy, then speak rat-a-tat with the articulation of a scat-singer. She shifts from gawky to gorgeous with a sway of her hip. She's great. . . . .What made the evening truly remarkable was Ms.Doherty. She was a revelation. I don't think anybody emerged from the theatre ungobsmacked. She might be the future."






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